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Bookkeeping Services

At Cari Elaine Bookkeeping, we understand that most individuals, small business owners, and entrepreneurs would prefer not to spend their precious time entering receipts, balancing accounts, checking to see if they paid the electric bill, invoicing and collecting payments, and reconciling their bank accounts. They would prefer to spend that time growing their business or spending time with their families. If you are you looking to spend less time managing your day to day finances and accounting, Cari Elaine Bookkeeping is the answer for you. Cari is a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor with over 12 years experience with QuickBooks. With over 15 years in Business Management experience, we are ready to help free you from the time-consuming tasks of general accounting and bookkeeping. Let´s face it, your time is money! That is not a cliche. Let us take the accounting tasks from you so you can focus more time and energy on the things that YOU enjoy and that make your business money!

Bookkeeper in Venice

At Cari Elaine Bookkeeping our role is to provide you with the peace of mind knowing your finances are being efficiently managed for you in a professional, honest, organized, and timely manner. We want to give you the peace of mind knowing your accounts are up to date and ready for the end of year and tax time. We want you to be safe from financial fraud and theft, with confidence you have the appropriate checks and balances in place. We want you to be able to see areas quickly that may need adjusting, so you can better focus your energy on growing your business or staying on budget. We offer consulting services as needed, QuickBooks Online setup and training, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Bookkeeping, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Monthly Invoicing for Service Industries, Payroll, and many other Bookkeeping services to help streamline and organize your finances.

We are located in beautiful Venice Florida with clients throughout the Greater Sarasota area and the United States. All your bookkeeping needs can be fulfilled at your business place, our location, or via remote access from anywhere. The tools we typically use to streamline this process are QuickBooks Online, Plooto Payments, Bank Bill Pay, a Shared Gmail account, a cloud drive (DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive), Wunderlist, and TeamViewer. These tools help us focus on Small Businesses Accounting, Payroll, and General Bookkeeping for Service Businesses (Lawn Service, Pool Service, Cleaning Service, etc.), Sole Proprietors / Schedule C Businesses, Daily Money Management, and Medical Practices, Retail Stores, and Restaurants to name a few. We love helping clients with all their financial and bookkeeping needs!

What can you expect to pay for a bookkeeping service? We will bill hourly for the first 3 months and then at the end of the 3 months you will be given a monthly package option that is based on the average hours of the previous 3 months. There is a two hour minimum per month. Bookkeeping rates start at $55 per hour.

Small Business Accounting & Payroll

Let us help you with all your daily bookkeeping and accounting needs: invoices and statements, paying bills, tracking receipts and expenses, payroll, sales tax and employment taxes, printing checks for your signature or online bill pay with your approval, watching for discrepancies from your vendors, bank and credit card reconciliations, and financial reports. We specialize in QuickBooks Online and provide QuickBooks setup and cleanups, training, as well as full-charge bookkeeping and payroll.

Service Business Bookkeeping

Many service professionals spend their weekday hours with their clients and customers and any time spent doing bookkeeping is additional or on the weekend, taking away from home life and family time. Let us give you the weekends back and help you stay on top of your income and expenses. We can handle your customer invoicing and collection notices. Pay bills using your banks bill pay or create checks for your signature. Create estimates and track expenses. Lawn services, cleaning services, pool services, and many other service professionals keep neat records and stay on top of their accounting tasks with our help.

Sole Proprietor / Schedule C Business Bookkeeping

We help Self Employed and Independent Contractors keep their business and personal expenses separated. Track all income and expenses. Invoice and collect payments in a timely fashion. Keep accurate records, manage receipts, and mileage. We help you organize and track any deductions that you may be entitled to. We help estimate your quarterly self-employed tax payments. We will keep your books organized so you will be able to value your business and grow. With accurate accounting throughout the year, tax time is a cinch!

Daily Money Manager

We provide professional financial services to seniors and older adults, people with disabilities, busy professionals, high net worth individuals, divorcees, and others who want freedom from their day to day money management or just help with it all and staying organized. AARP recommends a Daily Money Manager for aging individuals. A professional can help individuals retain their independence as long as possible and give them an unbiased source to help them stay on top of their money. We are a key team member in helping seniors maintain their independence and prevent fraud and abuse. We help stay on top of medical bills and make sure the insurance companies are not double billing. We make sure you stay organized and on budget.